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Day: January 9, 2020

How to Spot a Property Lemon

Building structure

Structural problems as a result of shifting and movement can be some of the most serious to affect a property. You can identify the problem by looking for cracks in walls or plaster, and the more severe the cracking the worse it is likely to be. If you notice cracking in external brick walls this is a particular worry so keep a look out for these. Sell your home in Chandler

Electrical / Wiring

Problems with the wiring and electrcity are some of the most dangerous as they can increase the risk of fire. You’ll often find this is more prevalent in older properties, but they can occur in new ones especially when the owner has done the electrical wiring without the help of a qualified electricition. A sign to look for is blackened areas around power outlets.


Plumbing issues are more common in older houses and if not identified early can be costly to fix. Most new homes plumbing systems are made of plastic materials however older homes may still have the original cast iron or galvanized piping. Rusty pipes are usually quite easy to detect: simply turning on the taps and testing the water pressure is a good indication of the quality of the plumbing. Makeshift drains and quick-fix solutions often cause damp areas which can damage the structure.


Problems on the roof such as cracked tiles that allows rain water in, can have serious consequences for the internal structure of the home as well as create risks where wiring is exposed to water. To spot a leaking roof, look out for rust on the roof or guttering; poorly fitted or sagging gutters plus bubbling or swelling in wall paint.

Water damage

Water seepage around the property can cause mould and damp floor problems. Whilst this doesn’t look great it can also lead to more serious problems. To identify possible water damage, look for damp and wetness in the floors or walls, mould growth or spotting on the walls / ceiling, damp or rotten skirting boards and damp lines along wall bases.


Pests in particular termites, can wreak havoc on floors and walls and if left unattended can damage the structural integrity of the home, so identifying them early is important. To spot the sign of pests look for small, papery bits of wood residue around cornices, door frames and window frames, gaps in walls or door frames, damaged floors and even swarms of flying termites outside the property. Bubbled paint can also indicate termite damage.

Illegal/inferior work

Renovations and extensions made without council approval or carried out by unqualified builders can be a major problem for investors. Keep an eye out for any rooms that look like they may have been recent modifications. Always ask to see relevant permits for recent building work or anything that doesn’t appear to be correct.

8 tips to style your kitchen to sell

If you are looking to sell your home a key priority for you will be to sell for the most amount of money possible. You can trust that your agent will work their hardest to help you achieve the best sales prices possible, but what can you do as a vendor to help improve the value of your home? What rooms should you focus on to attract the most amount of people.

This month we are going to look at one room that can make or break a sale – the kitchen. The kitchen is usually the most expensive room in any house so in most cases prospective buyers don’t want to see a kitchen that needs a total upgrade. Don’t panic though as there are a number of small inexpensive things you can do to make your kitchen more appealing to more buyers.

What you are trying to achieve

A successfully staged kitchen feels inviting, a place your future buyer could see themselves enjoying as the heart of their home. The staged kitchen will look, feel and smell clean. The benches should be clear of clutter, but not void of life, it should feel spacious and light filled with a touch of luxury.

Not sure how to get this feeling? Here are some tips on how to get the perfectly styled kitchen:

Get the kitchen professionally cleaned

Getting a professional cleaner to clean your kitchen is a great investment. They have the skills and attention to detail to ensure every nook and cranny in your kitchen is clean and presented in the best possible way.

Clear the Clutter

If you have more on your kitchen benches than in the cupboards you need to clear the clutter. A coffee maker and toaster are about the only appliances you should be able to see – moving everything else out of sight will help create a sense of space and order.

Fresh coat of paint

Apart from cleaning, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders in a drab kitchen, especially if cooking splatters have become a feature! Don’t go crazy with the colour, perhaps look to match the colour of your bench or cupboards or if in doubt go with a crisp white – this always look fresh.

You may find that your walls don’t need a total repaint but take a close look and patch up any imperfections. Don’t forget your worn tiles – a little primer and paint can make a huge difference to these too. A professional painter can normally paint a kitchen in only a few hours

Add Appliances

Buyers know just how expensive a new oven or dishwasher can be, so they may shy away from your house if they think they will need to spend up big on replacements for these appliances. If your appliances are out of date, consider replacing them. It may be a worthwhile investment

Do Up Your Doors

Swapping cabinet doors can give your kitchen a whole new look. If entirely new doors are outside your budget you can make a huge difference by simply replacing the handles of your cupboards and drawers.

Making the most of Open Shelves

Open shelving can look fabulous – if it is kept neat, tidy and dust free. If you have open shelving focus on making them look as neat and tidy as you can – to give the impression they are really useful and a nice way to display items. Place your best plates, cups and glasses, (no chips) on display and leave some open space to suggest there is ample room.

Lift the Lighting

Being a task room, the lighting in a kitchen is something buyers will take careful note of. A good idea is to install florescent or spot lights under top cupboard to provide light for the bench-top work area.

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