Sergio Agüero

Sergio Leonel “Kun” Agüero now is an Argentine professional striker for Premier League club Manchester City and Argentina national team. He was born on 2 June 1988 in Buenos Aires(BA), Argentina. “Kun” is derived from a Japanese anime because he was so naughty like the leading character of the anime when he was young. There was a football pitch near his home, and Agüero often played football with his fellows in afternoon. Therefore, his skin was so black because of solarization. Consequently, Agüero can know other players’ position by his shadow. His talent in football had been discovered and he began his career at Club Atlético Independiente at the age of nine. After several years, he reached the first team. Agüero was the youngest player to debut in the Argentine Primera División at 15 years and 37 days on 7 July 2003, breaking the record previously established by Diego Maradona in 1976.

In 2006, Agüero transferred to La Liga club Atlético Madrid for a transfer fee of €23 million, which was the highest transfer fee of Atlético Madrid. His excellent performance attracted attention from Europe’s top clubs that was 101 goals in 234 appearances and the titles of UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup in 2010.

He signed a contract with the current club Manchester City in 2011. On May 13, 2012, Manchester City won Premier League after 44 years thanks to Agüero’s 23 assists. In 2012-13 season, he helped his team got the runner-up of the top league. In 2013-14 season, the club won Premier League again.

Loyal fans may know that Agüero and Lionel Messi are good friends. They won FIFA U20 World Cup, the gold medal of Olympic Games together and have appeared in many finals with Argentine senior national team.

“You will not know how good he is until you say hello to him. Many people don’t know that because he does not like to show him on television or in public. He is an ordinary person and he makes a joke like others. He gets along well with everyone. He is normal.” said Agüero.

“One place where Messi is not normal is on the pitch,” Agüero confirmed. “He’s ahead of the rest, including the other nominees in reference to Cristiano Ronaldo and Antoine Griezmann, his rivals for the award of the 2016 Best FIFA Men’s Player. I train with him and I see it with my own eyes. He does things I don’t see anyone else doing. He’s the best player.”

When it comes to Messi, you must know him whether you are a football fan or not. He is one of the players in the world. Currently, he plays for Argentina national team and Spanish club FC Barcelona as a forward. He is famous for his stunning header and speed. His feet are extremely flexible and strong. Messi is widely regarded as another Maradona. He will play for Barcelona until the 2020-2021 season. By then, the preeminent striker will have spent 17 years with the first team.

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