Marcel Desailly

As one of the greatest professional footballers of the France national football team, Marcel Desailly won numerous honors and trophies for the squad. He was born in Accra, Ghana on Sep. 7, 1968. He was nicknamed “The Rock” for consistency, strength and hard-tackling playing style on football fields. In his whole playing career, Marcel Desailly integrated aggression, stamina and competitive control ability into hard playing style. In view of outstanding performance than ordinary footballers, he was listed into the FIFA 100 in 2001, being an excellent member of the world greatest professional footballer.

Marcel Desailly

In his autobiography, his stance loyal to France is clearly written onto it. There is no doubt that this action won sincere respects from all over the France. In 1993, he accomplished his first appearance at a international competition. Although forced out of the football fields in the final, he is an inevitable footballer pulling on France football shirt for the French squad. All classic scenes of him on football fields will be inscribed in the hearts of loyal football fans.

Roberto Baggio

Roberto Baggio was born in Caldogno, Veneto on Feb. 18, 1967. He started his playing career aged 9, catching attention of youth team of his hometown. As a second striker or an attacking midfielder, he has played many matches for Italy. There are also many reports on him on the internet. For his elegant style, range of passing and creativity on football fields, he is widely taken as one of the greatest footballers of his generation. In 2004, he was list into the FIFA 100 by Pelé for his outstanding performances on football fields.

As one of the best footballer of his generation, he won 27 goals at 56 matches, becoming the fourth highest goal-scorer of the Italy national football team. He was nicknamed the “Divine Ponytail” for his hairstyle throughout his whole playing career. There is no doubt that he was a successful footballer pulling on Italy football shirt. In order to carrying forward his practical skills and rich experiences, he was appointed as the president of the technical sector of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC).